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Build Your Own Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

It can be downright exhilarating to know that every time you see the wind blowing, and every time you see the sun shining, you are producing electricity for your home and saving money--all without a carbon footprint!


  • The biggest problem with hiring a company to install solar panels and wind turbines, it usually is not cost effective and takes many years to recoup the costs through savings on your electric bill. 

To solve this problem, thousands of homeowners are learning how to build and install their own system. Boatloads of money can be saved as a result. 

With the right guidance, a person with little to no technical knowledge 大发体育 can build a small renewable energy system for as little as $200-$500. 

Even if you just start by running your refrigerator off of solar and wind, you'll recoup your cost quickly and actually have fun building things with your family. 

We purchased and reviewed the contents of various guides available on the internet. Here are our the results of our work:

Earth4Energy - 85 page guide plus 2 videos

The author shows you exactly how to build solar panels and wind turbines using very inexpensive yet reliable components. The explanations are easy to understand and thorough enough to make you successful even if you aren't a techie.. 

He also gives you tips on the best places to find free or inexpensive parts. The wind turbine explanation was detailed and shows you an ingenious and inexpensive way to build your own wind turbine/generator. 

The one thing that really sets apart Earth4Energy from the rest is he includes two very good instructional videos. We were impressed with the videos and with how easy it really is. 5 stars.

Click here to visit Earth4Energy.

Home Made Power Plan - 117 page guide.

A large guide that is enjoyable to read with lots of diagrams. However, most of the book is spent providing information that you can easily find elsewhere for free.

大发体育Actually, this would have been a 5 star guide if they hadn't skimped on the solar panel explanation。 We doubt that too many people will be able to build a good quality solar panel using the instructions they provided alone。 Since this was the actual advertised purpose for the guide, we knocked it down to 2。5 stars。

They do an excellent job of explaining how to build a wind generator, but it's the exact same explanation found in Earth4Energy! Plagiarism? Click here to visit Home Made Power Plan.

Home Made Energy - 59 page guide. 

Explanations in this guide are not as detailed as Earth4Energy or Home Made Power Plan and will be insufficient for a lot of people--especially the wind turbine building. The Solar panel explanation was average quality.

Overall, we have doubts that there is enough information to help users without technical experience. The illustrations are few and the ones that are there are somewhat confusing and unprofessional looking. 

Overall, we were disappointed with the content of the guide. 2.5 stars. Click here to visit Home Made Energy. is a free resource offering advice on achieving renewable energy independence 

On the site you will find valuable articles covering how wind energy is harnessed through wind turbines, how solar energy is harnessed through photovoltaic solar panels, best locations for Wind Power and much more. You will also find helpful reviews of Do it Yourself guides that we have purchased and researched. 

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